16 for 2016

A list of 16 things that I aim to do in 2016. Expect periodic updates.

  1. Get in the Sea!
  2. Read (or at least attempt to read) all 28 books you just bought in the Verso ebook sale.
  3. Watch all of Mark Kermode’s top 10 films of 2015
  4. Cycle home… to Yorkshire, from Edinburgh.
  5. Go on a cottage holiday in Scotland.
  6. Have a super fun 30th Birthday dance party with friends and family.
  7. Enjoy some new (ie released in 2016) music.
  8. Do a half marathon.
  9. Have a Yorkshire/Scots fusion burns supper.
  10. Go on a Belles on Bikes ride.
  11. Climb a previously unclimbed (by me – not by anyone ever, that’s ridiculous) hill.
  12. Visit far away friends.
  13. Become a friend of the museum, and get my money’s worth.
  14. Clear out my shed.
  15. Go to a festival.
  16. Do Kareoke.
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