End of year round up 1: The Personal

Gosh, it’s been ages hasn’t it? I wrote a blog in February about how much I love a tv programme and nothing since.

Maybe that’s about to change?

In an attempt to write more, I have decided to just write more, and not worry too much about whether or not it’s interesting, and just enjoy the writing process.

So begins a round up of 2015: Gonna go with a personal one, a political one and a cultural one.  Starting with the naval gazing.

This time last year I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do in 2015. I don’t like new years resolutions, but I do like making plans and ticking fun things off lists.

This is the list…

Visit my pal John in Berlin : Yup! Did that one. Had a great time catching up and being impressed by John’s German skills.

Do a 5k : Did this in January. There are no photos but I did get a smart vest which makes me feel super sporty.

Do a 10k: Did this in May with my amazing pal Steff. Without them I would have definitely felt like giving up. Steff is the most motivational person I have ever ran with!


Do a 15mile + Cycle : Did this first in July with my friend Adam who was a surprisingly patient cycling buddy. We cycled to Tyninghame via a castle and a few pubs. It was tiring, but! gave me the confidence to do loads of cycling up north later on in the year… so thanks Adam!


Have an overnight outdoorsy adventure with friends :  Yes, in July – see above! I used a £10 tent and it poured it down….


Have a dry month: I did not do this… On a couple of occasions I did about 3 weeks… which is more than a month total right?

Have a social media free month: Who am I kidding? this is actually impossible.

Birthday meat festival!: When I became pescetarian I decided that I would let myself eat meat on my birthday… it was less satisfying than I expected.

Go out dancing : Despite the SNP’s best efforts to stop Scotland dancing, I actually went out dancing loads in 2015. Highlights included Backstreet’s Back at Indietracks, and the Lightning seeds at Little League, and Wannabe at TYCI.


Do at least 12 mindfulness sessions… I think I did about  6? I quite like mindfulness though so, I might roll this one over.

Visit London/Glasgow/North of England Friends : I did all of these things! suffice to say, they will roll over into the next year.

Learn how to look after bike, and attach mudguard: Sort of? I did a bike maintenance course and clean my bike more often, I have not got around to attaching a mudguard…

Make dinner for people :  Check!

Swim outdoors :  Failed at this, but given that my plans for 2016 include the Loony Dook, it should be rectified soon.

Have a beach party near my house: I haven’t done this either! Rolls over.

Visit home 3+ times : I think I visited Castleford 4 or 5 times in 2015.


Grow something: Didn’t do this, on reflection – why do I want to do this? Is it because I am buying in to some nonsense notion of wholesome domesticity that in reality, I am not really interested in?

Bake a good loaf of bread: See above.

Finish watching Twin Peaks : I went to a Twin Peaks Halloween night, but I still haven’t finished the second season. It gets so boring in the middle though…

Do NANOWRIMO : Who am I kidding, I am clearly never going to do this.

Do stand up with new stuff: Failed at this, I am still not sure if this is something I actually want to do any more.

Write 3+ blog posts: I didn’t do that on here, but I have written a few for the ZT blog, so yes!

Get on friendly chat terms with my new upstairs neighbour: I achieved this, infact I went to her 30th do and we are now pals. She has moved though, so this task also rolls over.

Get fitted for proper running shoes: Nope! but I am giving up buying stuff from sports direct so maybe this year.

Watch all of Mark Kermode’s top 10 of 2014: Mostly yes! There were a couple of films I was unable to source.

Things I have learned from these experiences.

  • Writing a novel in a month, baking bread, giving up booze and social media are all impossible tasks
  • Don’t buy a tent from Groupon and expect to stay dry.
  • All that time you spent dancing around your bedroom to the Backstreet Boys paid off eventually (thankyou! Nostalgia DJs 🙂
  • The longer you don’t eat meat, the more sensible it seems.
  • Running 10k is possible, and with the right pal, really awesome.
And above all…
  • Making lists of fun stuff to do, then doing it, is a good idea, you should do it again.






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